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Quietly working under the radar is how one friend describes Granvil Poynter and his music. But he has not gone unnoticed! He has won best blues artist in the San Antonio music awards. Billy F. Gibbons has tapped him for shows with ZZ Top and for Mr. Gibbon’s solo tour. With the release of his new album “Cigarettes and Gin” maybe it’s time the world took notice of this San Antonio musician! Only time will tell.

Born and raised in a small town in Arkansas, Poynter fell in love with music at an early age. However, it was his move to Texas that truly allowed him to flourish and establish himself as a standout voice in the blues genre. His captivating stage presence and heartfelt performances have earned him a devoted following and critical acclaim from both fellow musicians and dedicated blues enthusiasts.


Beyond his musical prowess, Granvil is known for his warm and humble personality, always eager to connect with his audiences and share the stories behind his songs. His soulful voice, filled with grit and passion, carries the weight of the blues tradition and stirs the hearts of listeners. Granvil continues to hone his craft by performing across the United States in smoky blues clubs, intimate venues, and prestigious festivals.



















In the Blues the Musician Tells a Story

and Lives the Story Thru His Music


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